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Excerpt from Michaela Nash’ Essay for Seeing you seeing Me, Revision Festival 2022.

Not everyone needs genetic vulnerabilities, modern life and technologies alone don't agree with the old mechanisms of human bodies. Or rather they can be easily hijacked. Consider how fast food hijacks our natural cravings for salt, fat and sugar, which would have been rare to find and also stored up by our bodies to use during times of hunger. Or how social media gamifies our [...]

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CCC afterthoughts and how to feel productive

I was looking forward to this morning and catching up on admin I spent nearly 2 hours finishing up my expenses, earnings admin microsoft excel spreadsheet of doom stuff.. I updated my whiteboard to do board I sent invoices I wrote more emails off to try secure funding for the Negative space electrical box painting project And yet I feel like Ive been on the [...]

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Crop Circle Crawl

Crop Circle- what I've written previously in older posts: Another durational crawl. A field with long grass. crawling around in a very large circle, so that the crawl path leaves the grass underneath flattened temporarily, so as creating a pattern, similar to a crop circle. This crawled circle would be repeated as many times as possible. How to document: Once again record from 2 viewpoints, [...]

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crop circle crawl

Field/canvas Did some research today into my crop circle crawl- we were supposed to film but it was raining, of course. Will try again tomorrow. Interesting experience to do some test filming and see what it was like to be on the ground, amongst the grasses. Insects flying up. Uneven ground underneath my knee pads. This field is literally 2 mins walk from my house. [...]

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Right NOw

Right Now- 26 April 2022 this Friday- chat with Alan re my practice Applied for Convergence- an open call for new performances in Milford House, Tipp, collab between Live Art Ireland and B Beyond. Have to co-ord and plan and trial my 3 land art pieces Thinking about the mural grants for Ennis- have 3 ideas- glor wall, eir boxes and veguns wall Negative Space- [...]

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Have always remembered to take the time to write post performance thoughts since Aine Philips advised.. she said make sure you do it while the memories of the experience are fresh. Sure enough I'm already forgetting and it was only on Thursday evening and it is Sat night now. I travelled up and blogged about that. sitting on trains, churning stomach, at forty bloody seven! [...]

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movement preparations for This is not the end, thursday, Ogham, Catalyst Arts

crawling, skipping, swopping, shuddering, skipping, hopscotching, leaping, striding slowly, swinging arms and legs high, exaggerated motions, side gorilla walking, kneeling and pivoting back and forth, using the walls to lean agains and twist around up and down the alley. pressing against the window, reaching, zigzagging back and forth, squatting. moving through squatting in a duckwalk. It came from being at Clonmoney national school outside painting [...]

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Emotional Load- Pack UnPack for Second Collective, Vault Studios.

On the train back to Dublin after doing Pack/Unpack- a 3 hour durational performance, as part of Second Collectives Imagine Belfast Event. But it felt like the performance physically began when I started travelling to Belfast this morning at 8am from the Luas station, Ballinteer, dublin. I hoiked, heaved, pulled and dragged my heavy cumbersome suitcase through dublin and Belfast. Im always pleased to do [...]

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