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Friday before Easter holidays and avoiding rejection

And thats a no from TULCA. I made myself go and train this morning before I checked emails, as I had remembered that the website had said that feedback would be sent by 31st. I didn't allow myself to look at my mailbox during training as something in me knew it would be there lurking, waiting for me. I correctly anticipated needing to be post-workout [...]

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current work situation- murals- schools- performance

in progress murals do a second visual for NC paints they didnt like this one do a visual for grey wall no view pete brown tulla get the visuals for lifford road and kilrush road corner completed.   get glór wall piece done finish proposal clare arts office for negative space collective open call EIR (contact Grace wells-poems) look at my [...]

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Leaning into the reality of now

Thinking about the reality of now. its dawned on me that I might be trying to hypothesise a proposed reality when applying for open callas and describing what I do. the truth is I am constantly despairing and feeling defeated by being a carer and the demands it brings I worry that my quality of life is being affected by my carer role- I am [...]

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It was a nice event- low key but it built up and there were nice interactions. As I said in my insta post;  For this piece I invited people to write down words, which I then ate. A cathartic, healing and nicely absurd exchange. Less performative, more conceptual. I was handed all sorts- sad words, secrets, silly messages, quotations, poems, frustrated comments, quizzical thoughts- all [...]

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EAT YOUR WORDS- upcoming

So this is really a stake into the ground situation. The ground being where I am at, the topography of the environment of artistic professional possibility- as in the reality of what can be done, created, made happen, by me. The stake is the nowness- a metaphorical pole being thrust downwards claiming my self belief. If I build it, they may not come and thats [...]

Cluttered office whiteboard giving me bad energy

I realised today that my whiteboard needs to be wiped. Not edited, WIPED CLEAN. It's one long messy scrawled list of failures. Open call after funding app after open call application/submission/letter of interest. two more emails of NO THANKS GO AWAY yesterday too. The usual, 'you wouldn't believe how many applications we had- we found your work very interesting BUT' etc etc. I've written about [...]

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Alien skin- BBeyond Monthly performance for January

So the BBeyond Monthly performance was on today, online. I joined BBeyond last year in a bid to get more performance experience and to meet more performance artists. I have performed once so far with them live, last October in IMMA for the earth rising festival, and once before that in an online performance, and was featured in an online performance event they ran during [...]

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Negative SPACE 2022 works finished.. finally.

It's very important to me to finish what I start, and to deliver what I have promised. Mural Public art wise I want to be known for careful, bold work that is impactful, emotive and skillfull. I do NOT want my name associated with anything less. Making this work has not been easy. My 'collective' is now just me, for the time being anyway. I [...]

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decisions on how to spend limited energy and time

Spent the evening examining 2 specific residencies- both within the possibilities of applying for, but simply not possible to take up in the small event of potentially being successful. One is for 2 weeks in Greece in March this year- so not a hope of that one so close to my kids surgery, if I could get a date for that even, and other one [...]

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