It’s very important to me to finish what I start, and to deliver what I have promised. Mural Public art wise I want to be known for careful, bold work that is impactful, emotive and skillfull. I do NOT want my name associated with anything less.

Making this work has not been easy. My ‘collective’ is now just me, for the time being anyway. I had to finish the funded works myself and get it done in the traditionally rainy Irish season, aka September to December. I worked and worked on the last site of the 2022 funded murals I’d proposed and gotten funding for, the weather completely blindsided my plans to finish with the rain that came pretty much non stop from last October onwards. The last 3 days of cold weather now in Jan (but no rain) have allowed me to finish. Good lesson learned about what season to schedule work for- and what way to approach larger pieces. What I need to do moving forward:

learn how to use spray paint so as to cover larger areas quicker

send Clare Arts a summary of how the budget played out for this round of funding

locate and agree on 15 new sites- 5 for me and 10 for open call.

put together two funding proposals- one for Negative Space (me) one for an open call for Clare based artists.