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glór day 4- more gestures, A-Z and laughing buddhas

I arrived this morning with no drive.. I just didnt have my usual focus. I was pleased to have just come form a meeting with my photographer friend and collaborator, where I put a date on the performance Night Crawl I have been working on, but I still felt anxious and distracted. That was ok, I just went about getting through my list of tasks [...]

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Day 3

Thursday 5 September: To do this morning in glór: (you cant beat a good to do list, typed in bold for added fervour) crawl sit cross legged and practice laughing at intervals practice body alphabet repeat gestural exercise- exaggerated So I did my crawling around the room as my warm up- I use a cross crawling pattern where you employ contra-lateral limbs to move, keeping [...]

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Day 2 in glór

Now I am not going to write a shpeel detailing my every move every day, but seeming as I am a bit behind with my documentation and what I've been up to I am catching up here plus making a recording of my actions each day I spend in glór- as I need to send this on to Tara and also I know from past [...]

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beginning in glór

Background Yesterday I started my tenure in glór studio. Is tenure the right word? they are allowing me use of their studio space for free. (having looked up the meaning of tenure I have concluded it is not the right word :) ) Basically glór have allotted me time to work from their studio space a few days each week for the next 3 months. [...]

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