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Ogham Residency so far

Drawings I have made in response to the prompts sent by Jen on the ogham Residency, a 3 artist process based residency in Catalyst Arts, Belfast. Other artists, sculptor Stephanie Tanner and painter Brian Kielt. Curator Jen Alexander. I asked to make a drawing response each day to a prompt from the space so as to feel more connected to the project. I am only [...]

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Stuff going on and sweden thoughts

Stuff going on: 4 school residencies going on: Artist in schools, St Annes. Blast Artist ptnrshp: Clonmoney School and St Senans School. TAP Artist prtnrshp- Scoil Chriost Ri. All 4 of these school partnerships taking up a lot of space in my head and the planning and organising needed to go with them. Lovely teachers and kids, especially the kids at St Annes who are [...]

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action drawing performance process

I need to write down this stuff so as to sequence my thoughts, which are all muddled up and hence causing me stress: I spent time in glór studio this morning with a view to developing/rehearsing some movement sequences for the upcoming performance I am doing for the art event in Gävle, Sweden. Name of event: Ad Spatium (meaning, to go the distance) its latin, [...]

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Mature/emerging/auto immune

Had a late night zoom with Jen from Catalyst Arts last night. Talk about changing the emotional path of a busy standard Tuesday. Jen is setting up a project, her last one as a Catalyst Arts Director as her directorship is soon coming to an end. She gets to decide who she works with on this project and she has selected two other artists and [...]

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Jan- skates on time people!

As I write it is 4rth Jan. A lifetime since last post, indeed. With Christmas done and kids back to school imminently and gaff now more or less liveable in, feel the feverish need to plan. thinking about First quarter I have to get the Artist in schools residencies done. did a reccie on these today, feel now more that I have things a bit [...]

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Going on a bit- Re-Vision Festival 2021

I drove up to Belfast this am- I left at 10 and got there just after 3- the trip up was un eventful but I was late arriving because I spent the last hour driving around Belfast city centre negotiating the traffic trying to access the car park.. this seems to be a recurring issue for me with these trips.. When I arrived, just a [...]

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Going ON a bit- simplification process

OK I tried this yesterday for the first time. Problem- trying to keep talking whilst going through the tasks. Kept getting brain freeze. Simplication needed. 5 tasks? 1: Getting out of bed putting on clothes slippers etc, feeding dog, filling kettle 2: Helping kids get dressed- annie, clothes, AFOs etc 3: driving to school 4: sitting on floor working on laptop 5: making dinner, making [...]

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Clare Haven Opening Night

OK yesterday was the opening of Clare Haven- Behind Closed Doors- Hidden Truths Here is the speech I wrote for the opening night. I don't give many speeches :) 'Hello and welcome etc etc. I am one of the project managers for the installation. Paul Corey is the other project Manager- he and I have worked together on various projects over the last few years [...]

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Going on a bit

since FIX21 got the opportunity to perform again, this time in glór, with Emma Breadman. We called it Chop Chew. It was discombobulating but also very convenient, given that it was a 10 minute journey so I could get the lunches made etc before leaving. More of that later. Now I am going to Revision Festival again. I think it was some time early this [...]

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Clare Haven Opening Speech

Paul and I have have worked together on various projects over the last few days and he first contacted me about this particular project in February 2021. These words from the initial brief sent by Siobhan come to mind, and stuck with me: Domestic abuse is not a newspaper story or tv news bulletin, it is not something that happens to those kinds of people or [...]

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