Spent the evening examining 2 specific residencies- both within the possibilities of applying for, but simply not possible to take up in the small event of potentially being successful. One is for 2 weeks in Greece in March this year- so not a hope of that one so close to my kids surgery, if I could get a date for that even, and other one is for up to 3 months as one artist or between 2 to 6 weeks with up to 4 artists, in Paris. The sheer logistics of leaving for such a length of time are exhausting to think about even hypothetically never mind actually doing so. getting kids minded, Annies needs, family schedule etc etc. Just not possible.

How to focus energy moving forward with most guarantee of a return? Note I say return, not success. Success a many layered beast. I cant travel for such a distance for that long, thats the reality of things. So what can I do, here in the mean time to develop career wise?

Start performance art workshops to develop a potential interest. Could also try Ennistymon. Have gotten availability from two venues so far, which would be suitable and are cheap, but only available Monday and Tuesday nights. A couple more to try.  This is something I can actually do and apart from helping me personally and creatively would be good for resume.

Get a mentor. This is really important. Who to ask?

Get an open call proposal for local box painting done. Look for funding.

Look at local opportunities. Platform 31. Creative Ireland Clare. Local festivals.

I started Negative Space last year. Grow this and develop further.

Start therapy as as to reason with voices in head (booked today)

Collaborate with more artists- if I can

start a billboard campagin- as in find a billboard space to blow up artworks to huge size

OK going to bed. Below are some photos of a painting am doing to just stay soothed.