Did some research today into my crop circle crawl- we were supposed to film but it was raining, of course. Will try again tomorrow. Interesting experience to do some test filming and see what it was like to be on the ground, amongst the grasses. Insects flying up. Uneven ground underneath my knee pads. This field is literally 2 mins walk from my house. Owned by local man Barry, who is kindly allowing me to use it for this purpose. very beautiful, meditative space. These, my friends, are the advantages of living in the country. this piece is the only particularly time sensitive one as it needs to be done before the hay gets cut for the animals. currently all farmers are growing the grass in their fields and then when the sun comes out they cut it for hay. Barry has assured me he is not cutting his in the next while so I have some wiggle room but not a lot.

research moving forward to complete the triptych to be done by me:

Tide Map: Recce on smaller beaches- go and explore west coast of clare and find one with a narrower width to allow for a wide angle camera lens to span all of beach- take into account accessibility and geography of area.

Mullaghmore pilgrimage: go do it and see how long it takes. then can plan for filming. ideally document in 3 ways- pan angle which ultimately will show crawl moving horizontally , and from drone, above, and from my headset also.

also look in to buying a small video camera to document this work?

See idea below for how to exhibit the work: