Crop Circle- what I’ve written previously in older posts:

Another durational crawl. A field with long grass. crawling around in a very large circle, so that the crawl path leaves the grass underneath flattened temporarily, so as creating a pattern, similar to a crop circle. This crawled circle would be repeated as many times as possible.

How to document: Once again record from 2 viewpoints, – the lowdown crawl through the grass from artists viewpoint, and up high overall view, so circle can be seen being created.

Point of this: Thinking of this as an act of subversion- a crop circle is thought to be made by UFO’s. Also considering the consumerist and machinated nature of modern farming.


Áine listened to my description of the 3 pieces, in particular Tide Map.

She knows the beach well. Again I was glad I’d spoken with her as she affirmed the plan to go early and document early. She said she’d been there, at the Flaggy shore, yesterday for a walk and it had been very busy. She was really positive about it and suggested that I really talk to Paul who’ll be documenting it, about how to film it. What do I want the documented footage to look like? I explained about the framing Im hoping for, something similar to the INTBR film, with me, my human form, being visible but absolutely not dominating the frame. Quite the contrary.

I explained the idea of the 3 pieces. She said they would work as a triptych and that they could, in the future, be screened as a 3 channel film in a space.

She mentioned to be sure to write about the experience of making the work afterwards, when the sensory experience of making is still fresh. She mentioned about meanings to emerge about the act of doing. As in, after I’ve done it, more thoughts and ideas will come from it. This has always happened before alright.

She pointed out that metaphors will emerge post action.

IN regards to the burren crawl pilgrimage performance idea:

She quoted Rumi: ‘If you cant walk, crawl’,%E2%80%93%20Rumi%20%2D%20CoolNSmart

She said, critically, keep going, keep making! Eventually you will achieve a critical mass. But do it for yourself. This is what I am doing. She acknowledged how hard it is with kids and that she admired my determination. It is interactions like these that give me motivation to keep making.