I got the crawl done yesterday. 2 done 1 to go!

Wasnt as bad as Id thought. Or rather Id been right in thinking it would be mentally easier than the tide map walk.

I put some thoughts into my phone notes at end of the experience- i will copy and paste directly here- misspells and all-  and then revisit later.

Notes on mullaghmore pilgrimage

Started at 7.10 ( had to wait for a rainshower to pass)

No one there


Smell- Peary and clear and fresh

Feeling calm and pretty controlled

Issue- no way of knowing how far, even though had done walk night before. Took almost ? Got to tip at 9.44

Physical: knees and hands, well wrists  were hurting- but knew I could do it. Was saying question of how long it would take

Picked up a rock halfway as my weight of expectation

Placed my weight of expectation on top of mullaghmore- an act of generosity- giving my expectations to the earth

ExpectaTions k have of myself- physical, emotional, parent, carer, achiever, art, fitness. Always striving to perfection to be the best to do more more

What for

Who for

Thinking about his in an objective way

A crawl up a mountain is easy compared to living up to these expecTauons which themsef are middle class expectations

Stop criticising yourself

Good to see how things felt to do it

Now will footage work

Drone went missing Just after I reached top

So walked back down

Could have climbed but would have taken 2.5pre hours


I talked to myself a bit on way up

Rhymed words


Also very quickly I was wet through from dew n grass and plants

Mostly felt relief that opportunity to make the work was not wasted. Kids in dublin. Don’t even have to be back to pick them up

Extraordinary feeing of freedom and lack of responsibility