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emerging dripping and exhausted from the pit of apathy and despair

I love an overtly expressive title. I couldv'e written 'getting back into it' but I prefer the above. Besides I havn't been out of it, Ive just been managing other suff. Like my kids. And a period of anxiety, isolation (partial) and despair. Which culminated in a mini emotional breakdown last Saturday and me driving to limerick by myself to walk around TK maxx and [...]

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EVIL performance at plug’d, Cork

Drove to Cork last night to perform with the Limerick based EVIL collective. I performed with them last October in Limerick, when I answered a call out they made for artists to join them for their performance night. I was super impressed with their energy and group and singular creativity that time. And so it was again last night. It was a more intimate venue, [...]

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yesterday, today and tonight

Spent last 3 days putting together my application for Arts Council visual arts bursary. The experience was similar to climbing Mullaghmore, I kept thinking I was done and then I'd realise there was another bit to go. Literally submitted it 1/2 an hour ago, now experiencing usual anti-climactic post hard work feeling. No time to dwell, rehearsal time for tonights performance w EVIL in Cork. [...]

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stuff going on

Open calls and funding stuff http://ibpcpa.co.uk/ Edinburgh performance biennale applying for arts council bursary. have I enough time before next week? umbrella vetting for body alphabet workshop idea- have started vetting process for Claddagh national school in galway at least creative ireland funding- got my application in anyway Great Austrian show happening this october- need to get my act together here! plan for work is [...]

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Couldn’t sleep therefore:

last night I couldnt sleep. I lay there thinking about performance ideas. Blown out/sucked up. One I had which I liked was the exchange of air- shouting loudly while a hairdryer basts air at one side of your head while a hoover sucks up the air on the other side of your head. Does the sound get blown away and sucked up, does it disappear? [...]

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Pack, Unpack Film

https://youtu.be/N5Vf0MxIKNs Pack, Unpack film, Shannon Airport, December 19th 2019 Paul Corey my photographer pal sent me this film today that he compiled of footage he shot of my Pack, Unpack performance in Shannon Airport just before Christmas. I am thrilled with this film, its nice and short, and explains the concept behind the performance really well and concisely. I can use this to approach Dublin [...]

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126 performance review

https://youtu.be/jb-gLqQc6KI So the performance was a good experience for me, and there were nice people there and I felt a strong energy to the room. I was pleased to have been able to make the performance. From talking to people afterwards I got the impression that they got something out of the experience of watching it. I felt like the intern team at 126 who [...]

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2020 many many

things will happen hopefully. well not hopefully as it will happen if I make it happen. Anyway I was back in glór this morning which was good, as when I’m here I just do what I’m supposed to do. As opposed to lads of other shit I might get distracted with at home. I have a performance coming up this Friday at 126 gallery, Galway, [...]

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Unpacking Pack, Unpack

so above are images of the performance in Shannon. It went off well logistically. I am going to make a copy of the notes I took before and immediately after performing. 'Weird liminal space. Purgatory- stuck between places. Waiting to start. Anti climactic but anticipatory. Everyone hanging about. People walking past pulling bags. Usual airport every spectrum of humanity. Now and then flight announcements.  Xmas music [...]

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