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Performing at EVIL IV

Last Thursday night I performed with a Limerick based collective of artists at their 4rth Live art event, called Collective Evil IV. I had had a normal thursday with the usual schedule, so by the time I got into the car to leg it up to Limerick I was tired and a bit nervous. But I didn't have time to stress as I was late [...]

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Sunday Night not particularly deep thoughts about Culture Night.

Sat here in the kitchen trying to do some administrative work that has been hanging over me for the weekend. I'm not getting very far with it but then again the weekly shopping is done, I've made dinner and cleaned up, made the school lunches, the kids are bathed, uniforms have been located and music practice is done so I've not exactly been dossing or [...]

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Objects of importance 2

Three Hellish Furies I brought my 1948 copy of the Divine Comedy with me to the studio this morning. It’s very precious to me. I love books anyway and collect them as objects as well as to read. This has illustrations by Gustav Doré an illustrator whose skill, gothic gloom and drama has always affected me. I am going to pick out some of my [...]

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glór day 7- Friday. ruminations and explanations

Showing Up. Why I am here. My situation is: I changed careers from fitness (14 years working in fitness industry) to art. I moved from Cork where I worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, to Ennis, Co Clare, where I had no job. Did this exactly 3 years ago. I started my MA in Fine Art with OCA, UK in September 2016 and [...]

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glór day 5- crawling in decreasing circles, durational alphabet attempt

I had a better day today, in terms of mental ability. I had trained before coming to glór, and arrived already warmed up and not unfamiliar to movement, so it was easier to get straight into it. I had given myself the jobs today of crawling all over the floor of the studio. Tara who teaches the Performance course I am doing mentioned that I [...]

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glór day 4- more gestures, A-Z and laughing buddhas

I arrived this morning with no drive.. I just didnt have my usual focus. I was pleased to have just come form a meeting with my photographer friend and collaborator, where I put a date on the performance Night Crawl I have been working on, but I still felt anxious and distracted. That was ok, I just went about getting through my list of tasks [...]

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Day 3

Thursday 5 September: To do this morning in glór: (you cant beat a good to do list, typed in bold for added fervour) crawl sit cross legged and practice laughing at intervals practice body alphabet repeat gestural exercise- exaggerated So I did my crawling around the room as my warm up- I use a cross crawling pattern where you employ contra-lateral limbs to move, keeping [...]

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Day 2 in glór

Now I am not going to write a shpeel detailing my every move every day, but seeming as I am a bit behind with my documentation and what I've been up to I am catching up here plus making a recording of my actions each day I spend in glór- as I need to send this on to Tara and also I know from past [...]

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beginning in glór

Background Yesterday I started my tenure in glór studio. Is tenure the right word? they are allowing me use of their studio space for free. (having looked up the meaning of tenure I have concluded it is not the right word :) ) Basically glór have allotted me time to work from their studio space a few days each week for the next 3 months. [...]

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