Equipment for today’s performance

I went to the base of Mullaghmore mountain to film some art actions this evening. My friend Paul TY photographer came too and we drove separately and stayed apart observing social distance as per the current guidelines. I felt a little unsure re making this but as it was technically within the covid -19 parameters- keeping social distance, not being in a crowd etc, we decided it was ok. And it turns out we were in the nick of time- this evening the gov advised new covid 19 guidelines- that the whole country must stay in for the next 2 weeks, or if you have to go out to only go within 2k of your home. So heading out into the wilds of the burren (a lot further than 2k away) to film performance art would definitely not be deemed as unavoidably necessary… Anyhow this evening blissfully unaware of the looming tightening restrictions we got lost on the way and encountered blocked off roads due to the recent floods, so took longer to get there. But when we did, the most beautiful, panoramic, spiritually uplifting place, in the setting sun.

Insanely beautiful Burren