Distance connection project with Marten, Kirsty, Barbara- see last post

Poetry connection project with Eleanor

Clare Kids Art competition– continuing

I need to be ready– parts 2 and 3. I am hoping to get part 2 made tomorrow, Friday evening. With Paul corey at the old mental asylum on the gort road. Feeling a bit anxious and unsure re this. So all normal there, ha ha. Tasks 1-5 were sledgehammer blows, sledgehammer 10/2’s, body weight lunges, weighted vest squats, and bear crawls. So I need to decide on actions for 6-10 and then I will feel better re this. Sprinting. Push ups. Tyre flipping? Singing scales? Reciting poetry? standing up/lying down?

Other project ideas- I really really want to make the construct/destruct idea. It encompasses repetition, anger management, constructing, creating, physically destructing, and putting back together again from the remnants. Idea: get a pile of concrete blocks and some cement. Find a space I can occupy to safely construct destruct for a prolonged period of time. Build a structure, preferably tall and erect, human-ish like, and when dry, attack with sledgehammer. Smash it up, then IMMEDIATELY rebuild, with more cement. Repeat this ad infinitum, using SAME materials. record results each time. What will happen? Will the blocks eventually become dust? What is the repeated action for? Why do this?

Other project ideas- slipstream singing. Sing a song or recite a poem loudly, while holding a vacuum (turned on ) to one side of face, and a hairdryer (turned on) to other side. so air is being blown across and sucked in. Blow/suck.

Other project ideas- get myself photographed naked- standing facing full on. Get this printed out life size (in as many locations as possible) and leave pens and markers around and invite public to decorate or add to the picture. record results.