Was in the shower, where thinking can happen as I get to be by myself. How to make the next part of the performance?

I am thinking of sprinting, standing up and lying down, doing some push ups, maybe going through some scales and arpeggios, and oh I don’t fucking know it seems so ridiculous and non constructive on any level when I even write it out.

but it might help with the anxiety and general claustrophobia so in the spirit of antidotal actions, it can be validated.

Maybe wear a suit or another dress? In the grounds of the mental hospital in ennis? Or the gort road industrial park?

both venues would work well as follow ups to the theme of the INTBR Tasks 1-5, as it could be shot as a large structure dominating the shot with the human action, the artist, small in relation to the building.

I will read back over my notes for INTBR and the proposals I made and go from there.