Gotta love these dramatic titles! I got word back from the Arts council on Tuesday re my second application this year, this time for the Covid 19 artists fund.

Fucks sake. And whats my track record, is it the amount of times I have made applications already and been rejected? I suppose the only way to find out is to make yet another application which takes about a week, and when the rejection email comes I could check and see if my ‘track record’ has increased from 3.5 out of 6…

The only upside is that as usual when faced with rejection I feel compelled to take action. I want to make the hoover-hairdryer slipstream piece. When I am in the middle between a hoover and a hairdryer and I am talking fast. Obviously not really able to be heard. Called ‘Caught in the slipstream’. Was thinking I would read/shout out my letter of rejection as the piece of dialog for the piece. I bought a hairdryer last week to make this piece when I saw them in Aldi. We have a borrowed hoover. Problem- not enough room at home. Need a space to film. With a white wall behind. This is solvable. Note to self- do not think too much- just do.

Made the second 5 tasks for ‘I need to be ready. these were all done outside the old mental hospital as posted about earlier. They worked out pretty much as I wanted them:

I will post more re these later.