Currently being painted, this is a series of 12 portraits of County Clare based interesting and inspiring community shapers. Through radio interviews and articles in the local paper The Clare Champion, people wishing to participate came forward.

Portrait participants and their locations so far

Dermot Hayes. Co Clare born community figure and social and political activist. Located in Abbey Street Carpark, Ennis, Co Clare, beside the River Fergus.

Gerry Abraham, Co Clare born community figure instrumental in founding the social dancing scene here in Ennis and around Clare. Located on Abbey Street opposite Wood Quay, Ennis.

Kathleen Bolger, born in Ballyea, Co Clare, resident of Ennis town. Kathleen ran Metcalfe’s general groceries and newsagents shop on New Road, Ennis until the arrival of Tesco, which brought about the end of many small businesses in the area. This cabinet is located in the lane between Abbey Street and Upper Market Street, Ennis, Co Clare.

Madge O’ Callaghan, the writer and award winning radio documentary producer, is no 4 in a series of 12 portraits of Co Clare based interesting and inspiring community shapers. Madge’s portrait is located on the corner of Abbey Street, and Carmody Street, Ennis, Co Clare.


Next was Tomsie O’ Sulllivan, who was nominated by his son Owen, who lives in the UK. Tomsie was in incredible individual by all accounts. I put his portrait in O’ Halloran’s Lane, off Parnell Street. I hope his family like it.

And just before Christmas I completed Gabriel Moylan, also known as Champ. This piece is located at the end of Frances street where it meets O Connell Street, Ennis. This piece is located at the end of Francis Street, where it meets O’ Connell Street, Ennis.

However since then unfortunately this piece has been vandalised. I am going to go and paint over it as soon as the rain stops and I can get into ennis as regardless of why it has been vandalised, it looks awful. I’m not sure as to whether repainting this piece is worthwhile as the risk of it being vandalised again is, as I have learned in previous cases, a strong possibility.

vandalised Champ

vandalised Champ

Recently I completed Bernie Brann, a lovely lady living in Ennis. Her box is located on Clonroad Beg, around the corner from O Connell Street, Ennis. In a rather lovely coincidence Bernie was walking past while i was finishing this and got to see it. Seeming as I’ve not yet seen any of the portrait subjects view the finished pieces this was nice for me, and I hope for her.

5 more to do, the weather has gone from freezing to mad storms, rain and wind. I will do as much prepping at home to get everything ready for the last 5 pieces. I want to get them finished as soon as possible.