Low Expectations. Performance to camera. January 2024.

Still operating under the process of think, and do. Think of something, then make it. I continue to be fascinated by repetition and experiencing repetition. What it is, to be in it, continuing through it, how it feels to do it, to witness it. Sped this up to increase the ridiculousness and relentnessness (! possible made up word alert) of it. I want to see if the action becomes the foremost element of the work. Not the face, the person, but the action. It’s also a radical confrontation of the self. There I am, bobbing up and down. No make up, big spot on my chin. And so it shall be. Title comes from what I was thinking about- my personal world view- not of my ability, but more of a coping mechanism- that by having low expectations the world is more negotiable. It could, upon reflection, be me who is the loser here. But I have (sometimes) very high expectations of myself, in terms of what I should be doing, and when, and these define my every action, so perhaps not.

My favourite thing about Low Expectations is the sound.


I made the piece below a week or two before.

Degrees. Performance to camera. January 2024. (made in glór studio)

Thinking about actions. Making shapes. Spanning a circumference. Stretching to span a distance. Made as teeny excerpts from video as opposed to stills, to show movement, tension, wobbliness.  It’s a video, not a collage. Do these need descriptions? No more than a quick drawing made with a biro on the back of an envelope does. Short, experimental movement action ideas. Theres the description. I suppose I like the potentiality we all have to make gestures and shapes with our bodies. Im interested in how we all inhabit these sacks of flesh we live in differently. We all move in a unique way, speak, gesture, laugh, cry, differently. Endless potential for expression.