So this is really a stake into the ground situation. The ground being where I am at, the topography of the environment of artistic professional possibility- as in the reality of what can be done, created, made happen, by me. The stake is the nowness- a metaphorical pole being thrust downwards claiming my self belief. If I build it, they may not come and thats not really the point. The point is that if I build it, as in create work for myself, and opportunities for myself and others,  then I have succeeded in building it. As it has been said in these posts before, 75% of work energies need to go into pathways where there is some guarantee of an outcome. 25% can go into low yield possibilities like open calls etc. This particular performance EAT YOUR WORDS isnt a big deal but it serves to remind me that stuff can be implemented and created wholly by myself. And supported by very cool, creative professional people also, in the form of EBCF and glór. (I am not sure why I need reminding if this as 90% of my successful projects are initiated by me but there you go.)

It was so good to spend time with Stephanie and Paula this weekend, two long time trusted friends and good artists. I needed it contextually and emotionally.

Hanging out this weekend in The Burren looking very spiritual :)

The accompanying info for the Eat Your Words performance, suggested by me, proposed by me, initiated by me:

Performance art event, Saturday 4th March, glór foyer, at 12.30pm.
We’ve all had to eat our words on occasion. However, as a gesture of generosity and great benevolence the artist Rachel Macmanus has agreed on this occasion to eat your words for you. All words offered will be eaten, including and not restricted to positive, negative,  descriptive, distasteful, kind, unkind, true and false words. Hysteric and angry words will also be considered for consumption.
About the artist
Rachel Macmanus is a performance and visual artist based in Ennis. Rachel has performed nationally and internationally. She presents Eat Your Words in association with Ennis Book Club Festival and glór, Ennis.
Rachel can be contacted at