It was a nice event- low key but it built up and there were nice interactions. As I said in my insta post;  For this piece I invited people to write down words, which I then ate. A cathartic, healing and nicely absurd exchange. Less performative, more conceptual. I was handed all sorts- sad words, secrets, silly messages, quotations, poems, frustrated comments, quizzical thoughts- all sorts of words were offered up. Some people came back again as they realised they had more to say. I bit, chewed and swallowed all the words down. One lady was really concerned about the potential negative energy I was digesting and hovered around like a protective force as I chomped. All in a most interesting experience! What I also found interesting was how people would ask- am I allowed uses teh whole page or should I just tear a little bit off? And people writing in the smallest corner of the page and tearing it off, as if they weren’t worthy of using up a whole page.. The audience was predominantly book festival attendees and the EBCF had scheduled my piece nicely to coincide with a surge of people coming out of one of the main events. The space I was in meant that people could watch or interact, they weren’t shoved in on top of me. To note for future- I should not have been sorting out my backdrop 1/2 an hour before had, I should have come in earlier or the day before and gotten this done with more time to consider how to make it look as good as possible. As I worked I was already thinking about a bigger more impactful piece for next year, if possible.