This is a quarry, now closed 10 years, on the Lahinch road, on way to Lahinch from Ennis. After many phone calls and the cumbersome process of obtaining new public liability insurance, I now am finally able to officially visit the space. I could have gone illicitly, and hopped in over the gate, but I wasn’t about to do that as could I have used the images afterwards if i’d gained access illegally? Also its a foreboding intimidating enough space without being there illegally. From the gate, it is huge, looming, ominous. You look in the office doors and see a space abandoned, derelict, literally. I am going there tomorrow morning at 8am, the guy who has the keys is meeting me there. That is weather permitting, as is everything these days. I plan to take pictures, make drawings. possibly shoot some video. I want to be by myself in the space and experience how that feels.