In terms of the brown paper roll I have made I filmed it as the best way I could manage to view it:

Its still not easy to indicate scale here, I suppose about 20 foot long now? I envisaged it as a possible gallery scenario like this:

gallery visual for brown paper roll

SO this was the realised piece I made explore how it might work as a vehicle to show the work. I think it has potential and could be supplemented by drawings above and below as you travel around.

I also made work around the lady and child outside the school in ennistymon. There was a sense of the charged stillness there. I wanted to try and visualise this charged stillness, the sense of suffocating quiet. I am interested in the strong black line against the abstract white, and how the figures look like they have been cut out, or are absent? This is approx A1.

mum and kid, large cardboard A1, acrylics and marker

Then I tried a more detailed drawing, of Veerla and Lara drinking tea. It didn’t work. Well the drawing is shit, but seeing it on screen here it has potential. I do like the combating lines and white paint, the white represents the charged energy, in both pieces.

Veerla drinking tea outside her house -large A1 cardboard acrylics and marker

I thought about how this type of work could look in a gallery setting

And lastly I have arranged to go meet and draw another individual, her name is Bridie Freeman, she is 92 and lives in Newmarket. I will do this next week.

Feel like I have made progress but not arrived at a conclusion. Feel tired.