Continuing the theme of people I encounter/observe/spy on:) I wandered down O’ Connell Street today, and saw, a lady and her son standing at the corner, a lady working in the barbershop window, and an elderly lady standing poised outside the coffee shop.

I did these in brush strokes as I needed to loosen things up more. I am still ‘drawing’ with paint though.

Last week w Moran we talked about the sense of quiet, of charged quietness I encountered in Quin and NewMarket on Fergus. How to bring that quiet into the drawings.

I am going to go to the place, and where I saw the lady and her kid last week, observe it without her there and try drawing the space with her absent, in the morning.

And also I went back to the drawing I made of redrawing the lady at the school and her kid, to see how quieting the lines would work.

Looking at these now I feel drawn (drawn, geddit) to making a consecutive moving series of drawings of someone moving through a task. documented drawings depicting stages of of the movement. can strength and stillness be captured this way.

On a good note I have 2 or 3 people willing to be drawn, as I wanted to see about shadowing someone and seeing what can be achieved by documenting their movements. I wanted to find women who are based in a rural setting, and whose livelihood involves strength based activity. Possibly farming, planting, etc. So I have 2 adult women and one 77 year old farmer who seem to be willing. I will set this up and go and see what it brings.

Also, discovered a meter wide roll of brown paper in our shed. had forgotten we had this.. perfect for trying out a scroll like series of action drawings of one individual.. as mentioned above. one person engaged in a task, and making multiple drawings of this sequentially along the roll of paper. potentially to be displayed horizontally along a wall. could work well with the idea of a changing or evolving space.. adding more drawings as the weeks go on..