Quick synopsis of what we spoke about

I am going to rename the blog posts chronologically under the ‘eggs and butter’ header.

explore further- the outline drawings from most recent post- the outline drawings of the lady and child. less detailed drawing, more detailed line. Take top left, top right and look at them separately from rest of work. Was trying to imbue (into the drawings) the sense of disquieting quiet that I experienced in Quin last week on my field trip.

use this line methodology when meeting with the women next week and beyond, who I sourced on FB.

The sense of charged energy that was in the empty villages, will it be the same when encountering an individual such as the FB women, so as in focusing on a one to one with someone who has agreed to be a subject. Looking at landscape/space sense of quiet/disquiet.

Try more of the black watercolour paint/drawings. more barber shop ones. try using a crappy brush to deconstruct the control aspect of the process. And or left hand. Try ink on brown paper- ink is less controllable and the crinkly brown paper is also a guaranteed lack of precise outcome.