And thats a no from TULCA. I made myself go and train this morning before I checked emails, as I had remembered that the website had said that feedback would be sent by 31st. I didn’t allow myself to look at my mailbox during training as something in me knew it would be there lurking, waiting for me. I correctly anticipated needing to be post-workout calm and ready for what my inbox would be presenting. Ha Ha! I was right. At least the curators this time and the last time I applied a couple of years ago I think, know how to write nice you have been unsuccessful letters. Theres a nice synchronicity to these happenings- by which I mean me sitting digesting another rejection email-  and my ongoing exploration of repetition in my practice. I mean I get these pretty regularly, and I find myself going through the same range of emotions after. It’s an act of repetition in itself. How to react to this repetition, what to do about it? I shall make it into a proposal for yet another open call of course. A pleasingly poetic reaction.

Now to not associate this result with P31, which I spent the best part of a week crafting and re-crafting, with the kind and generous help of DT. I sent that one on Wednesday- the website says it can take 4-6 weeks to get a response so I can at least leave that alone for now.

Meanwhile the clock ticks- the kids finish at 12 today, which benefits no-one but the teachers. My child free time is rapidly dwindling- Its raining but I must go and walk the dog. Onwards!