slightly flowery way of saying that I have gotten yet another PFO email and I am feeling disheartened and unsure of the best way to proceed. After all the definition of stupidity is to repeat the same actions.

T, last week,  was a No.

Clare community grant, received today, was a No– but they said it was because my application did not meet the criteria, which it did or I would not have applied obviously, so now I need to summon the time and energy to email them back and query this. I had naively hoped to rent a space and run a lovely quirky drawing centre/art space here locally.

I need to get moving on the performance workshops which I did recieve some funding for. . I called into the parish offices and the Maria Assumpta (fab name)currently  has much more free space than it had the last time I asked. trouble is I have gotten so many no‘s recently I am now questioning all my motives and plans.

perhaps the universe is telling me to simplify.

glór mentorship program. I spoke to Sinéad in glór today re this and she explained whats required in the application. I need to consider who might be the best person to approach about it. performance? murals? I need a performance person. I have the mural stuff way more under control and it feels more conquerable. But what are my performance goals?

RADICAL ACTION. I need a series of planned performance events. I need to go back to my ideas list and make these happen.

I can ask Paul to work with me and plan an event per month from now until august.

hanging out the washing- on a street in public

parading around a shopping centre- dressed as laughing buddha

surge retreat- in middle of the night in a field

2 steps forward one step back- somewhere in a circle

pretty shit drawing and I’ve given myself a very lordotic spinal curve here which I have the opposite of BUT THATS OK