in progress


do a second visual for NC paints

they didnt like this one

do a visual for grey wall no view pete brown tulla

get the visuals for lifford road and kilrush road corner completed.


get glór wall piece done

finish proposal clare arts office for negative space collective open call EIR (contact Grace wells-poems)

look at my own Negative Space Phase 2 proposal with Clare Co Co and make up themes for the boxes

practice with spray paint- our shed


Scoil Chriost Ri- going well- draft design completed onto the wall see below: now to be painted


St Annes: draft design completed onto wall also

ClareCastle- they want to do a self portrait project with 2 6th classes. need to draft session plans

My practice

Applied for Courthouse Open Call. As always, the work put into the application will be an investment for the future at the least.

Applying for Meant to Fade, curated by Burren College of Art, Cork, early June

Thinking about applying for TULCA. RUB?

Applied for La Pocha Norta 4 day Workshop Live Art Ireland. Successful with this.

Thinking about the development of large scale brown paper drawings- a developing meandering narrative


Applied for Clare Community Grant- to rent and run Performance workshops

Applied for Create Ireland- for Clare Mother Artists Collective 2023 show/residency

Applied for Community Recognition Fund- to rent and run a drawing space for a year, Ennis