Vertical Tryptich Carolin- brown banana paper, paint and black marker

This was to see what layered media- white paint let travel over and into the scrunched folds of the babana paper. then when that was dry did the black paint layer. then today when once again it was dry I added the black marker. to see how it looked. I like this, but I think for it to work it needs to either be much much bigger in scale or very small.

I went back to my brown paper scroll. The words Moran had said- ‘ don’t change the language, just fine tune it’ had stayed with me. This was where I was at, below.

brown paper scroll up till today.
addition of house to brown paper scroll
full addition made today

I am interested in the idea of a sequenced visual narrative, seeing these scenes melded together, being able to travel along and watch it unfold laterally. I wanted here the figures to be part of the landscape, or more to the point; no more or less important than the landscape, which I felt was true to the individuals Carolin and Veerla who the drawings here are provoked by. I don’t have enough space in the studio to roll out the scroll fully. I’d like to roll it out, what I’ve done so far, and look at it that way. I can only see segments of it on the studio floor. I kept going with this scroll idea as I felt I hadn’t fully explored its potential.

Looking at landscape/space sense of quiet/disquiet.

how I portray strength and femininity. a question of strength

So I took a bit of video of it so that it could be viewed a bit like this:

I want to get some huge bits of cardboard to try more drawings. as big as possible. Where to get? I will try the electrical shop in Ennis tomorrow maybe they would have some.

I am not feeling however that I have arrived at a visual answer yet, to how all this should all be continued. I would also like to go and see and draw an older woman, someone who is a farmer because they grew up or married onto a farm, or is connected to a rural life by proxy of living in the country all their life. And just see them making a cup of tea, or putting out washing or something. I feel like the answer to the visual question might be there. At the very least it would round out the narrative of the 2 visits I’ve already made. I prefer the number 3 better than the number 2 also.