Went to Spanish Point this morning to see Carolin, who had responded to my facebook message re coming to draw her. It was a lovely day, not too windy and very bright, mostly due to the openness of the surroundings on the coast. Carolin’s garden is a field on the estate belonging to the Armada Hotel, which she has been developing for the last 6 years, from scratch. It’s very basic, no facilities like an office, toilet or kitchen, just the field. She works there all day from 9-4 usually, sometimes till late in the evening as right now the light stays there till much later as they are on the coast. It is a very beautiful place. She grows all types of herbs and vegetables, theres trial and error and each year one or two crops fail, which is normal apparently. She works there by herself which is very isolating, but she is ok with this mostly. I was there from 10-12pm today and she was pretty much moving constantly as I drew her. Weeding, aerating the soil, preparing beds, moving old vegetation. (I asked her as I hadn’t a clue what she was doing) The drawings were made fast and trying to capture the ease and strength she displayed as she worked. I explained to her they were what I would term field drawings, for research as such, and not meant to be too perfect. It was very enjoyable and I could have made another 20/30 drawings if I wasn’t so cold, needing to pee, and having to leave to do school collections.