I visited the offices of Clare Haven, https://clarehaven.ie/ this morning, with Paul Corey. Brief is to produce a walk through immersive experience of domestic violence. Using top floor of their office space. Siobhan the manager has a big vision and talks very eloquently about the chaos of domestic violence she wants people to experience when accessing the space. She mentioned making, among others:

A court room. A kitchen. a bedroom. A child’s bedroom. A&E waiting room. Smells. touch. sounds.

Theres a lot to think about here. First to decide approximately on what spaces and set a rough budget. Project is to be produced for 16 days from 24 November to 10 December.

Images here are a photo I took of the floor of one of the disused B&B spaces upstairs from the offices of Clare Haven. These rooms are where Siobhan is proposing to install the show.