I edited the film I took of my performance idea keep smiling. It works ok as a starting point. I’d like to do it again against a black background with a black vest on, for a strong visual effect.

I edited it down to 5 mins something. I had about 12 mins of footage. It was made easier to edit as I had to edit out the sound of Pauls editing something on his computer in the background. So that took care of large chunks of the footage. Watching these videos always raises questions about what to call this- basically I’d call it a curated video of a performance action. Its not the performance (which in this case had no-one at it but was still a performance as I had to perform it to film it). It’s a video of the performance, but I’ve edited the video again so it’s not a true filmed rendition of the performance action. It’s been changed again. Shortened, to fit the format of screen watching, and to try and work with how long people will generally view something for. Still relatively long as its 5 mins, which is a long time in most peoples lives now. Id wager most people did not watch it fully. Fare enough. I probably wouldn’t myself.