The summer rolls on, and the current hot weather has authenticated the holiday season- it seems a lifetime away from 2 and a 1/2 weeks ago when the kids finished school

Between the house build going on around us here, with the builders starting at 7 Monday to Friday, the ensuing lack of privacy as there is basically nowhere to not be seen unless I go into our bedroom space and close the blind, the noise, the dust, the stickiness of every surface, the lack of space, the cramped living conditions, the building site state of the garden, anyway, general picture painted. I’m sucking it up as am fully aware of my and family’s good fortune to be able to afford this build.

Meanwhile the usual summer dance of trying to eke out some hurried time to make work, around camps and childminding and husband time swapping. I get overwhelmed with worry as to how to get shit done. Immediate concerns: finish Thursday workshops in Burren with Limerick Outreach Group. 2 more to go. Organise painting of 11 rooms in Clare Haven space. How to do this? Tidy up studio and sort out work to try and sell stuff off, as literally have no space. Schedule my second 2 performances of the triptych- Burren Pilgrimage and Field Mark. Like, when? I don’t even know if we will be around from next week on for a month. How liveable will the house be? Continuing to navigate the back and forth exchange of emails with various ministers and politicians and us- over SNA access for next year. So far only the usual vague responses passing the book to yet another department. No-one willing to take responsibility for anything. Will keep going, but staying focused is challenging as each response requires time and effort to build. The last email I replied too required me to shut myself into the claustrophobic bedroom while the kids argued with each other and Ronan’s cousin who was minding them in the kitchen(nowhere else for them to go) while the builders pulled down a section of the room outside the window. I kept one finger in my ear as I tried to work out how to craft the response.

Longterm- Eggs and Butter has been rescheduled for 11 November. I looked at the spas space when visiting the current show they reopened with. Not taken with how spas area being used. Art work is competing with the new artists work space. Neither is winning. It gives less importance to the work. If I am to use this space I want all of it. I want to fill it up and make it immersive. Anyway first I need to go back and revisit all this work I made last year, which is a considerable amount. And see how it is looking.