Skewed selfie me and Annie May 2021 pencil on A3 paper
Skewed selfie Con and Hec pencil on A3 May 2021
newest version of Skewed selfie painting Con Ann Hec acrylic on canvas
May 2021

I started doing these just as an excuse to draw, and I am struck by the way they are time capsule-ish. They are essentially a drawing of an image made by the kids. So its a curated created image- they deliberately took these of themselves and thought them silly enough to keep. It also indicates their age- they can use devices- and to me it clearly indicates their age- as in that they find these images of themselves amusing. I like that they are a drawing of an image. They’re not meant to be realistic or figuratively accurate and that in itself is freeing. I was really trying to get them to be looking out of the image, that was my goal. The drawing style is not normal for me and is a bit non- style, in that anyone could do these. There’s something kind of Leaving Cert portfolio- like about these to me..

I tried the painting one as I wanted to try out these style of painting, one colour acrylic on a canvas that I’d previously primed with a watery mixture of black and yellow ochre. I think i want to use this format for the planned portraiture series ‘They Walk amongst us’ the idea for the portrait series of local people I see about the place here, who I envisage as gods hiding in human form, so they can go about unobserved and see whats really going on.