I drove to Quin, Newmarket and Clarecastle today in search of the ‘rural’ Well no, I just went to draw people. But there were no people, I saw 3 men, that was it, in Quin. This statue of Mary, in front of the abbey ruins, was the only female there.

I walked about a bit and listened to the birds sing and the occasional landrover drive past. Then I hopped back in the car and went to newmarket. It’s about 20 mins from Ennis. There were a few parents collecting small kids from the school. Apart from that not many people about

Then I kind of gave up, and through I’d go back home via Clarecastle and get stuff done before the kids get home. No-one in clarecastle at all. I saw these ladies on the way home ono the outskirts of Ennis, I liked the wheelie bin lady, and the resigned attitude of the other lady listening

Thinking now I will seek out some people. possibility of asking people if I can draw them? Thought about asking if I could sit in a rural hairdressers. draw people on a farm.