Seeing the work rolled out in a bigger space was a useful experience- as my studio, where its been so far, is like a dark, hoarders delight of a cave with piles of STUFF everybloodywhere. When making the work I was painting a bit of my brown scroll, then due to spatial constraints, rolling it up, then painting another bit, rolling it up and so on and so forth, hence had not seen the work in its entirety to date.

I merely wanted to see it in a different space, with different colours around it. I was happy with the brown textures (which I have not yet strayed from as preferred material for this project so far) looked against the white.

This has resolved some questions but is not the conclusion, its simply an indication that what’s been produced so far has some resonance in the space, or outside my studio space, in my opinion.

Next I am going to reread my older posts from this project and apply the same questions to the newer research work. About the energy of an occupied/unoccupied space. Movement. How an environment shapes your movement and behaviour. Occupying a space.