This had started the last time I posted. As in; I had received some works back but I am not sure if I had started posting them to insta. here is what I have chosen to post so far:

I have been posting the images I have been sent to instagram, not that that is the final destination as such for the work but to showcase them to a wider audience. I am not sure how I will collate the work ultimately, I will wait and see how many responses I get first. Seeing how each artist addresses the image is very interesting to me and has been nice distraction, maybe too nice, during some pent up days lately.  

And below are the ones I have not posted yet as a lot of people sent me more than one:

It’s interesting to look at these 2 sets. I am going to look at them again in the morning and think about how to treat them. One idea I had was to actually make performances out of the images. As in, respond to the images through a performance work. As in how? Possibly by becoming the person in the treated image created by the artists. Which means dressing as myself being reimagined by someone else as myself. I like the complicated duality and layers of this. Multiple personalities. Multiple faces.

Thinking about how to frame a work like this. When it comes to talking about the work and labelling it and describing it I get serious imposter syndrome- I don’t feel like I can or want access to the discourse used by other artists and about other artists work. I resent the need to elevate the work to a privatised platform that cant be accessed by Joesephine blogs. But I need to acknowledge that this is partly because I have made stuff like Nightcrawl, Pack,Unpack, made in public and seen by public, not deliberate gallery audiences, so I have made sure it is accessible purely as an action, that in some way, anyone who sees it might get something from it. I am not sure why it matters to me so much that the work be accessible to all, it feels more honest I think. Anyway back to framing and talking and of course submitting proposals for work. I would like to develop this concept of making performance pieces in response to the artists responses, but first I need to film the tutorials for Body Alphabet and sort out the webpage to direct people to. Maybe as I do this answers will come.