Here are the images people I have asked to be involved have sent back so far. I am happy because what I had hoped would happen is happening- the image is being transformed in the hands of the collaborator. Each time it becomes less about me and more about them which i had hoped for- so it would become more of an entity and less of a focus on me. I am going to keep asking people in the hope that more will come on board- If i got 50 images I would be very happy- 30 even would be great. Its also about reconnecting with people- I have has lots of nice email experiences with people from OCA and my old NCAD mates and Clare too. Its interesting tracking the people who I am asking initially I thought I wouldn’t know enough people but I think I will if they all get involved or most of them. I know some of them won’t do it and thats ok, I’ve asked them not the other way around, they don’t have to. More later..