1: For definite: there is our group show happening in Linz, Austria- with KIRSTY LAMONT + R. MacMANUS, BB KLARE, M. TOLLIN, J. WHITBREAD

It is Opening: Mon. October 5, 7 p.m.Exhibition duration: October 6 – 28, 2020 Long Night of Museums: Saturday October 3rd

To do for this: finish 5 more tasks and collate into one piece of film for Kirsty. Plan a scheduled live performance online for opening night, and/or instead for the Long Night at the Museum. deadline to make last 5 works- next week?

2: “Seeing You Seeing Me” Re-Vision Festival event call out for performance art works. This year’s event will be accommodated by Catalyst Arts on the 26th September. Resubmit to this. deadline to submit 20th August

Catalyst Arts on Saturday 26th of September at 12PM. 5 x performance artists will be selected. Happy to have been selected for this.

3: Making Space- BUSINESS AS USUAL  15th October (TBC) deadline 24th September

This is running in their space in Lisburn Shopping Centre from 15-25 October. Going to show a film of the work throughout and also do a live performance.. hopefully

Ive been un-well for the last week and a 1/2, and I am feeling a lot better now- but I am so unused to being unwell. I had my recurring breathing issue but t was much worse this time, I felt like I had a band of steel around my chest- dramatic I know but I could not take deep breaths and it was very uncomfortable. Also my stomach was not good, I had a knot of pain which was prevalent all the time and my stomach was swelling up full of air, I went for a walk a few nights ago and the pain of my distended stomach was so bad I nearly called to get picked up. I am not sure what to do re this- I went to the doc and saw a different one more normal, who was focused on ending the appointment as fast as possible- and did not appear to want to sit and hear what I was saying. Same on the phone yesterday. She is either in a bad place and just treading water or just does her job with zero ability to communicate in a human way, both times she was in a serious hurry and could not get off the phone fast enough. Anyway, it’s of no importance. My bloods came back and all was good, which is great, including my iron and B12, plus I have very low cholestrol, so now I have asked for an appointment for me to have my chest x-rayed to see if thats the issue. Next week.

Now that I am a bit better the shadow of feeling crap has not left me, but the fog has lifted sufficiently to allow me to focus on what has to get done. I want to read back over all these last posts and try and make a list of priorities.