Thinking about this and how to develop

My mind returns to the idea of smiling through discomfort. But relatively mild discomfort, as is chopping onions. Like chopping onions is a mild discomfort that is not going to kill you. But mild discomfort over time is insidious, and poisonous. In term sof this work the banality of chopping onions with the strong painted on smiley imagery and lack of humour worked well. Other mild discomforts: eating stuff that is good for you but which you don’t like eating. Eating your greens? Chew through a massive plate of raw broccoli and celery and cucumber? Eating cake. Eating cake certainly makes me mildly uncomfortable. Brings back strong memories of binging and bulimia. A massive cake and eat it all? It would have to be vegan and gluten free :) Dancing. that’s not a mild discomfort, that’s a fucking terrible ordeal.

and these and how to finish them, as I never really did. Tasks 16-20: to do.

I need to read back over the notes I made about finishing the INTBR series. I know I thought about a church. Or a large office/factory space, empty of course. Need to really think about spaces this could be done. And the tasks to finish off the series.


Perhaps Whelans quarry

Or Knockanean quarry.

Task options:

I wrote in this blog post from a while ago about task ideas:

THIS TIME: I want to make the work in a church. thinking about wearing my wedding dress. fits in again with making your own occasion. dressing up. re-using. also its red. and red is not traditionally a colour in western religion. It needs to be a church big enough to allow work to be shot in same way as before- background taking up the main space, artist actions small relatively. Possible tasks:

Carry (a person) to safety. also a wonderful subversion of male character carrying female

Pull (a large object- suitcase? statue?) pulling someone out of something or away from something. dragging a large suitcase up the aisle..

Argue– Reason (possibly with an effigy- statue- religious?) manage scared/stressed/angry people

Push (a car) so as to be able to use strength to deal with a situation

climbing being able to climb up a building/tree, away from danger, is obv useful

mourning. being human in an inhuman time.

meditating. Finding a way to stay calm and present in the midst of chaos. sat at the top of a church under an alter, away from effigy, silent.

COnsider these…