What is happening: Tide Map, first of my three summer performances, created, produced, managed, promoted, in partnership with, Me. In association with Me, supported by Me, commissioned by Me. I listened to a podcast there a while back where Laurie Anderson was being interviewed. She agreed to the question that was put to her that yes, when she was emerging, she had written to manifold venues, telling them she was coming on her first European tour, and that they should book her. She did not at that time have a tour, but she told them she did. She said, “to all emerging artists out there, if you want an opportunity, don’t wait for that opportunity. My advice is to go and make that opportunity. Create it yourself.”

I’d been agonising over whether to go ahead with these 3 performances which I felt compelled to make. What about cost? How would I promote them? Who would even want to see these? So hearing this was the catalyst to action I needed to stop procrastinating and just bloody do it. I could fret and delay over this shit for another 6 month, year and nothing might change, and I’d be no closer to having made it.

So performance numero uno, Tide Map, is scheduled for next Wednesday morning, 30th June. According to different tide forecast schedules I am getting; low tide is between 3 and 4am. As in, low, low, as far out as possible tide. Which would mean the sun would be rising at 5am or so. But you know I was awake at 4.12am this morning and the sun was coming up, so that seems not to be so accurate. I’d planned to start at 4am. NOT 3am. It was important to me that it, the performance, start in darkness, or nearly darkness. And gradually the day would dawn. To experience that.

What is finishing right no work wise. Artist in Schools is finishing. It was a lot of work but very rewarding. Clare Haven Installation is ongoing. I am designing a mural for their refuge also. I am starting to co-facilitate some workshops with Ana Colomer every Thursday for July. I entered RHA. I am in process of applying for the arts Council Agility award, which would allow me to pay for my 3 land art performance works and to buy a decent camera.

Questions to ask Áine in my mentor session tomorrow:

Might there be anyone else I can approach to review my arts council application

How might I capitalise on the work and effort going into Tide Map. An invited online screening and discussion afterwards?

Any feedback on Tide map and its general idea, also on Burren Crawl and field mark.

Also, on an unrelated note I am getting my second covid jab on Saturday. Should be just about recovered in time for my 6 hour shore walk on Wednesday..