These cards were printed by the daughter of one of the ladies I visited for Eggs & Butter project research, Kay. She liked the drawing I did of her hens so they got it printed into cards for her. Im glad she got this extra bonus, so to speak, from the experience.

I was in the studio the last few days a couple of times, and was looking at the E&B work I’ve amassed to date again. Since we moved house we lost a room, namely our office/playroom/gym room, so I’ve been forced back into the studio for all my admin and writing work too which I would often have stayed at home to do before moving house.

Looking at the work reminded me how important it is to be objective, whether it be about drawings and the methodology one employs around a project, or a piece of performance art using the body. Or trying to write a PHD research question. I did the drawing work I had to do, then sat back to think about what I am currently trying to accomplish, which is to write a preliminary research question. I thought about what questions I am asking still, or continuously, in my art practice. What has changed and what remains the same. What am I trying to achieve through my work? What it it for? Whats the point of it.

Some of my random thoughts were as follows. I write them here so as to be able to come back and read them, tomorrow, in an objective manner, geddit?

“Disrupting the everyday-

the potential of a performance art action to create a disturbance- a disruptive affect. I will explore the nature of this disruptive effect and art actions- public or in a gallery space- might have this potential.

Thinking about how humans react to deliberate disturbances. How we take comfort in the everyday.

Why I continually seek to manifest my art practice through bodily gestures- why does this appeal and why is it impactful? Why not painting? Why not drawing? Why do we contextualise a body action/gesture differently to a 2d piece of art? Semiotics? Conditioning?

Thinking about how the neurotypical person sees the world- and how they negotiate it

Fucking with someone’s expectations of normality withing a space/context

Areas of my practice that I am still interested in

Why a task centred action can allow me to become immersed in the action itself- achieving a state of flow. Why this is a finite experience.

Why the feelings around myself and my art actions- self consciousness, embarrassment, etx could be used objectively – examining them and relabelling them as a tool that could be used to get stuff done- a metaphorical dark cloud to avoid?

Why is physicality so useful? What to do if you don’t have that physicality

My feelings around my daughters disability and how my own methodology for coping with anxiety- physical action- aren’t available to her in the same way, and how that makes me feel- as if this methodology is not available to you how to you manifest these feelings?”