The open call Id submitted my weird little video piece to was successful and it has been beautifully curated and put together. Its really gratifying to have work in such a well organised and documented show. When I made this it was lockdown, I was claustrophobic, emotionally exhausted from dealing with the kids, no private time at all, at home all day with the family, no change in the days, crappy, cold weather and endless rain, and dark winter days. Joyous :) I was feeling like I had no identity and any career I had scraped together was slipping away. I wanted to show the monotony of being at home all the time ,and how it pulls you down, so the affirmations were a gesture of refusal to give up basically. It was also a recognition of where I was and where I was allowed to be, which was at home, and therefore it shows this. So it’s a nod to a point of time, a particular time and experience. I’m glad I have documented it in some form.

It was almost a promise to myself that I would keep going and keep trying.

Moving on I am spending a lot of headspace working out how to make this new WTF responding to others feelings performance. today I tried out how the hallway would work to film, basically not too great but it would do. I rehearsed 30 exercises without writing out any feelings and it took an hour. So 55 exercises plus writing is going to be at least 2 hours, to be safe. Can I set up a live feed for 2 hours? I don’t even know. What if it stops working and I don’t know? I think it’s best to perform, record and edit.

Thinking this Friday morning. I want to try filming some with my head cam as the viewpoint to see how this looks, I think it might be interesting and nicely confusing, and try filming from the ceiling to see also how this looks.

Also I got back to PsSquared Communal drawing this morning and it was really nice to see them again and talk to nice friendly art people. Felt like a community and I don’t get to have that much in art so it was lovely.