As I write it is 4rth Jan. A lifetime since last post, indeed. With Christmas done and kids back to school imminently and gaff now more or less liveable in, feel the feverish need to plan.

thinking about

First quarter I have to get the Artist in schools residencies done. did a reccie on these today, feel now more that I have things a bit under control.

Negative Space collective idea with Robert. Started and conceptualised last year- kindred spirits with similar artistic vision but we have not done anything yet. try to put on a show? invite artists to contribute? Also this summer to try for a one day performance art festival here in Ennis? Venues- Ronan’s dads office but not ideal.. no access for a start. Old Ennis cinema- must find out who owns and if could get access..

get new website sorted. asap. working on this so all good.

sweden trip to Gavle, Sweden to do a performance and see marten. and hang with my sheilas.

Portraiture project- once a week to to make a portrait. anyone. thinking of melding the idea of the greek gods who move amongst us idea with just generally people I see around. Like, Champ the man who walks about the town smiling at everyone and waving. Brendan the man in wheelchair who rolls about on connell street. The old gardener in the pink top and hat who lives near Madden Furniture. Some of the old ladies I see out doing their shopping. Nicole Norton. Lady whose name I always forget who works in the sewing shop I go to for alterations. I always think its Stella but it isn’t. Is it Agnes? Do these in a similar vein to the portraits I did of kids and of T and his music collaborator.