Got an insta message from the curator of a group called Games for Artists and Non Artists. In the same day I got this message, from the curator of the project, Brendan Fox, and also an invitation from my old guest tutor Lucy Lyons about a future residency in Gordon House, Margate. The suck/blow slipstream piece seemed to have hit the spot..

Anyway the GFAANA was an invite to participate in an online project, about making a piece of work and GFAANA exhibiting it online, through their insta I presume.

“The concept is simple really. I am asking artists to make a video/ photograph/ painting or drawing of their hands. This does not have to be a big undertaking.

It has a number of functions really. Firstly, it is an impetus to make a piece of work in this current situation, secondly, it is a way for us all to connect, to join hands as artists and to consider our hands not simply as objects of contagion but as our creative tools and our means of manifesting our perspective of the world. “

So the brief is to make an image/film of my hands.

Im thinking at present- a performance piece of me moving around my hands, as in they stay in one place, occupying a relatively fixed position in space, and I, my body, moves around them. As opposed to my hands operating at the end of my arms, my hands become the centre point, the fulcrum, around which the REST of me moves. The teacup flexibility exercise championed by Steve Cotter that I learned years ago sprung to mind.


spray painting my hands flat on a piece of paper, so I am left with a negative of my hand shape, and drawing my hands again on top of this in some form.


Drawing a queue, except of hands instead of people. Giving the hands human behavioural characteristics, like slouching, standing upright, arms folded, etc.

I am going to bed and will think on these..