Images of research trip to Flaggy Shore Beach, Newquay, Co Clare this morning. Spent about 20 mins there from 11.40 to 12.00 midday. Tide was pretty far out, which was perfect for my research reasons, but according to my tide map would not have been fully out until 12.30pm today.

Shot of Tide Map Trial

It was raining but not heavily, but heavy enough to feel it. Observations- I walked the length of the beach at nearly full low tide, it took 5 minutes. So, one trip up and down beach for a good 1/2 the performance will take 10 minutes. Equals 6 trips p/hour approx. As the tide will go in the distance will decrease, so the trip number will go up per hour. Say adding on one per hour, so

hour 1: 6

Hour 2: 7

Hour 3: 8

Hour 4: 10

Hour 5: 12

Hour 6: 14

So approx 53 trips up and down over the 6 hours. I need to start training walking longer distances, less the long distance and more the training for the length of time. Experience of walking- meditative, cold, beautiful, life affirming. Walking down the beach was lovely, but of course when i turned around at other end I realised the wind had been behind me and was now against me, equals wind and rain in face, and cooooooold. Good to know. To work on- exposure training. How to last 6 hours walking with no breaks. Also the space does exactly as I had hoped, as you walk the openness of the sky and the lapping tide reminds you of your relative insignificance in the grander scheme of things.