last night I couldnt sleep. I lay there thinking about performance ideas.

Blown out/sucked up. One I had which I liked was the exchange of air- shouting loudly while a hairdryer basts air at one side of your head while a hoover sucks up the air on the other side of your head. Does the sound get blown away and sucked up, does it disappear? Can you hear it at all? Could you shout out your secrets and confess to some bad shit you’d done and it would just get blown/sucked away?

Blow out/sucked away sketch

Crawl and talk. Also the idea of combining this endurance talking Ive been trying with crawling. Crawl in proper bear crawl technique for as long as I can without stopping talking. Rest and continue. Might be interesting to do in a space with an audience and barge through them.

Mixed messages. endurance talking with the body alphabet. To send deliciously condradictory messages.

Saying: I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine

Spelling out in BA: I feel like shit I feel like shit I feel like shit


Lovely to see you all. Hope you are enjoying your evening. I am having a great time. I hope my performance has some significance for you.

I see you but I dont know you. I dont give a shit if you like this. I am nervous and tired. I realise I am a cowardly self obsessed idiot making mediocre work.

Hyper speed pack,unpack. Making the pack un pack performance but in an agitated, stressed out panicky way, flinging shit here there and everywhere. Audience participation?

Going to try the mixed messages idea now here in glor. I think it will require practice to get right. I think I am not done with the BA as a medium to work through but I need to expand its horizons and add some layers, to appease my own short attention span at the very least.

Today is a good day