Today ( Monday 12) I posted this to Insta and FB:

Wanted please: your feelings. Please send me a feeling which you are having, a good feeling, a sad feeling, angry, despairing, irritated, worried feeling, I’ll accept them all with thanks. I am an artist who works with emotions and exercise to make performance art. You can DM me your feeling, or post it as a comment, or send it to me via my website contact, the link of which is in my bio. I will keep your identity anonymous of course. The feelings that are donated will be incorporated into an upcoming performance work. It’s free and it’s for a good cause- ART!. Also please feel free to share this post. Thank you in advance

Here are some of the responses that I’ve received back so far:

nervous excitement, trepidation but also anticipation. flutter of anxiety and worry but also excitement.

Oh that’s easy…. sheer bloody frustration!!!!!


Excited…All students returned to school today.


Tired of being Tired

frustrated here too – the youngest has a cough which only developed last night so we’re all isolating until we get a test result! £80 of nursery fees and a day of annual leave down the drain


Anxious and excited

elated because I can re-open my clinic again…again..again….

Happy – sunshine Frustrated – lockdown Tired – parenting Bored & content – work Excited – restrictions lifted somehow Disheartened – politics Delighted – will see ppl again soon At peace – with myself



Hopeful 💎

Not sure if this helps but I feel so sad and I’m grieving. My uncle died last week and I’m devastated. Everyday gets a little easier but it hits with a bang every now and then during the day.


Only one feeling? ‘Cos I could be here all night! …. how about Bored Shitless?

SATISFIED to see you FULFILLED as the true artist you’ve always been. Soooo HAPPY for you Rachel. Keep creating more of u xx


I’m agitated, frustrated and exhausted right now.

I feel….I feel….ok, once more with feelings….I feel….

Frustrated 😣

Cut off

In love

Happy and contented most of the time – and annoyed 😑 with how selfish and self absorbed some people are ( yep the pandemic has shown them in technicolour 🤪)

tired, excited, hopeful, grateful

Overwhelmed xx



Relaxed, right now!

Hopeful (diamond emoji)

JOY in all its glory (star emoji)

I feel edgy!

Tired but happy

Optimistic.. this could change daily what with the rollercoaster of covid thought!


Exhausted / agitated / dislocated






Chilly from sitting by the open window. Anxious I’m not doing well at my new job. Happy spring is here.

I feel sad, anxious, grateful, hopeful

Constantly either overwhelmed or underwhelmed!!! I need to find *balance* that amazing word that I wish I could pluck out of the sky and wear like a badge x


Awash with the likes of glee, delight… perhaps even pride… upon reconnecting with someone, virtually at least, that you’d enjoyed knowing years earlier, but hadn’t imagined you’d ever see again.

Anxious 😦

Drained but happy❤️

Motivated 💪🏼

Grateful 🙌


Grateful 🙏🏻


Sad, anxious, grateful, hopeful

I’m extremely tender & fragile after my first Covid vaccine. Feeling relieved and conflicted.

Angry. Ashamed (weirdly due to taking up sea swimming … while not bothering to wax in winter.). Determined. Responsible. Accountable.

So that’s 55 feelings received over 3 days. This felt like tapping into a well of loneliness and frustration that, when existing in relative isolation from others, you simply forget is there. It gave me a bit of a reality check and a reminder that other people are anxious, worried, sad, frustrated out there too. Its not always easy to admit these things and it felt like opening a well, being given a glimpse of the collective less than joyous feelings and general fallibility out there. I spent yesterday evening thinking about how to make this performance. It needs to be made in the same vein as my first WTF piece, and the second for Revision. But how to reflect the fact that this time these are not my feelings, that I am working through other people feelings? I need to think about how best to do this and how to deliver it- facebook live, insta live, recorded, what.

Also, when in the shower yesterday (this often happens, also when I’m out walking or training) it occurred to me I could make a piece around the shore tide, our new ability to travel to the edge of our counties. Go to the Flaggy shore beach, make a performance around mapping the tide coming in, by walking along the edge of the tide line as it slowly comes up the beach. Do this for as long as possible, ideally 12 hours of the incoming tide. Accompanying the sea as it travels in on its journey. Durational. Flaggy shore beach is contained and quite a negotiable space to travel along, jelly fish and rocks allowing. Tide moves in fast as I have witnessed. How long could I sustain the action for though.

INTBR? No, not WTF either. More of a durational piece about the present time.

Flaggy Shore, Burren, 2017