things will happen hopefully. well not hopefully as it will happen if I make it happen. Anyway I was back in glór this morning which was good, as when I’m here I just do what I’m supposed to do. As opposed to lads of other shit I might get distracted with at home. I have a performance coming up this Friday at 126 gallery, Galway, where I’ve not been to yet. Doing another alphabet performance. I got back into it this morning and went through all the letters a few times first. Downloaded an online metronome but it did not sound great. Good enough to work with for now though. I did a short take of filming the line ‘well it’s good to be back at it’ or something along those lines to put on insta, see post above.

I tried them for a 10 min long monologue just pretending I was actually starting a speech, hello and welcome etc, to see how 10 mins of flowing ‘talking’ felt again. It was hard! Forgot that it’s physically demanding and requires concentration, not to mention elasticated clothing, which I wasn’t wearing 😀

What’s good is that I am no longer concerned with how entertaining the performance might or might not be. That is essentially not my problem. But it has to flow, and it, I, the actions, need to command or at least occupy the space.

What I actually say? I am currently thinking as continuum to the angry ranting I was doing to camera, as a verbal endurance exercise, when I talked on stop about whatever cane into my head for asking as I could. Thought I would use this type of free flowing intuitive talking about whateverness to base what I’d talk about in the performance on. It needs to look like I just walked in as casually started to communicate through this visual system. All the preparation needs to be invisible