I found this writing in a notebook this morning when I was hunting for other notes.

The last two lines: desperate times = desperate action. When your mind is chaos, take control. I like the performance idea too, I think I will do this soon.

Listened to a panel talk this morning with some artists talking about lockdown, etc etc. It was a pretty honest and open discussion I thought. Some of the interesting things that resonated with me:

the limitations around your practice can be seen as opportunities

with pandemic extending deadlines it gives you more time to make the work better- this is true for me alright- for ex: eggs & butter

‘you’re not that important’ to say this to yourself is quite an interesting thing to do.

as you move into your 50’s the people above you start to die. So you have less mirrors of yourself reflecting at you. What do you fill that space with?

don’t make your work to please anyone or in anticipation of anyone liking it. use it to make sense of things.

part of your job as an artist is editing. document, draw, record, compile every day, and edit it when you are making. not all of it will be ‘good’

none of us know the future, especially now, and there’s a creative freedom in that.

drawings made while listening: