BBeyond Earth Rising

Ive been very negligent with my blogging and I miss it. There are a myriad of reasons not worth going into right now as to why this has occurred. Suffice to say I mean to try and get back into it. Last Saturday I went [...]

Austria- Murals- Rub

September and October are done, hurtled through in a hurry of dark days, incessant rain, schedule keeping, hustling through the days trying to get everything done, keeping on keeping on. food shopping, lifts, activities, homework, training, pig food procuring, dog and pig walks, emails, planning, [...]

flailing about like an indecisive gerbil

had one of those days. mild anxiety and worry about not being productive enough, as I feel the hours tick by and stress levels go up because I have not completed any applications trained Even though this morning I have: Gotten kids up and facilitated [...]


When I was 15 I used to go out running in the early mornings before school. I remember feeling very vulnerable and exposed as jogged/stumbled along, my glasses fogging up. i remember vaguely being shouted at and windows being rolled down and cars slowing down. [...]

self aversion and performance art

'Post performance, as usual struck by the post action low, feeling bereft and ridiculous and sad. And mortal. Questioning the point of the whole thing. And why it has to be a performance with people watching. And which parts were for the performative nature of [...]

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