July portrait project

July is just over. i tried to make a drawing of myself a day for the month. Didn't manage that but got 21 done out of 31 days. Not bad. Realistic goals are required to get through the summer intact. I needed a way to [...]

CCC afterthoughts and how to feel productive

I was looking forward to this morning and catching up on admin I spent nearly 2 hours finishing up my expenses, earnings admin microsoft excel spreadsheet of doom stuff.. I updated my whiteboard to do board I sent invoices I wrote more emails off to [...]

Crop Circle Crawl

Crop Circle- what I've written previously in older posts: Another durational crawl. A field with long grass. crawling around in a very large circle, so that the crawl path leaves the grass underneath flattened temporarily, so as creating a pattern, similar to a crop circle. [...]

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