Project Description

Performance for Together Elsewhere, a collaborative performance initiative from Performance Art bergen. The performance was streamed live on 30th August 2023 via Performance Art Bergen Website. It took place in Ballyalla Lake, Co Clare, and Arnau, Switzerland. Artists were Rachel Macmanus, Ireland and Bruno Schlater, Switzerland.

Bruno and I had met several times via zoom to discuss our practices and how we would approach the performance. We decided on the mutual process of wearing red, water- him via the fountains he was travelling between and me via Ballyalla Lake, and watering cans, as a way to interact with the water.

From my end it was interesting but stressful- I had bought a selfie stick as agreed, but my phone would not charge in the car and hence I began the performance with only 50% battery. This meant it ran out of juice slightly before the end of the 30 minute performance. But standing in the lake was interesting, the water was almost luke-warm- the lake bed was squelchy under my feet and full of weed. it was perfectly calm.

Bruno was full of energy and provided a running diatribe as to his actions, as he travelled between fountains watering the flowers and shouting out his displeasure -Another shit fountain!!- when encountering yet another dry fountain (making me laugh)

It was a thoughtful, interesting, sensory, fun experience.

Link to the performance page here